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How to Increase Conversion Rate With an App Redesign

‘Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.’ – Alber Elbaz, Israeli fashion designer. The issue of redesign concerns not just fashion but the feelings users have when they open your application. Especially after they have used other modern cool apps with intuitive UI and appealing design. So, if you have an app developed more than a year ago, stay with us to find out how to redesign an app, and how it will improve your product, increase app conversion rate and help you build strong customers community. 

How redesign increases mobile app conversion rate

Redesign of an existing app is an essential step for each product owner. Let us walk you through the benefits you’ll get if you decide to take this step.

More appealing look

Fashion is changing every day. The colours which we liked two years ago now look too alarming or vice versa boring. If your app targets mostly young people, the up-to-date design is very important to them. New users prefer a modern look and would choose an app which looks prettier. That is why you need to follow the latest design trends when you redesign your app. Remember, the young audience always requires very intuitive, simple and modern UI.

Advanced usability

Following the latest UI design trends, you will not only make the appearance of your app more attractive but also improve it’s usability. How? Very easily. If you read our article about UI trends of 2018, you saw that the modern design tends to make everything even more useful. Modern design uses automatization principles, so a user doesn’t have to input all the data manually. For that, your app needs to use as many sensors as possible.

Improved personalization

Almost all sorts of applications now can use AI technology to collect information about users, learn their preferences and needs and offer a customer just that information, he or she would most likely appreciate. Moreover, some modern apps allow users to choose the theme, create stickers, add or delete tools from a toolbar. All these features create a personalized UI of an app.

More call-to-action elements

An application redesign is a nice way to add as many call-to-action elements as you want. However, the modern approaches allow us to make these buttons intrusive and very appealing, which leads us to an ideal outcome – we persuade a user to do what we want and boosts app sales.

Better social integration

Social integration allows users to share the content from your app, or content they created with the help of your app, with their friends. It is a great way to acquire new users with minimal efforts. If your app already has integration with one or two social media, you can add more. And don’t forget about messengers. Modern customers like to share content via WhatsApp or Telegram, so add them too.

And if you redesign your app taking into account all the needs of your customers, you can increase your mobile app conversion significantly.