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What Is a Design Concept and Why Do You Need It?

Concept development is one of the design techniques needed to create a User Interface for your product. At Ronels, we begin concept development after passing Immersion, Research, and Wireframes phases.

Thanks to this sequence, our design team already has answers to the crucial questions: 

    Who is this concept for?

    What are the objectives of the product?

    Who is the target audience?

    What impression do we want to make?


That information lets us get to know your product better, while with ready-made wireframes we clearly understand the product’s structure and navigation.

Why Do You Need a Concept?

Concept is the foundation of your future UI/UX design. With its help, you’ll understand how the future product will look and feel.

At this stage, our team is open to your feedback and changes to design until the main scope of work begins. Before moving any further, the design team would need you to approve the concept.

There are two possible scenarios for concept development:

    You already have a brand style guide. In this case, designers work on the concept bearing in mind your brand guidelines. They’ll select a color palette, typography, icons, and illustrations based on those guidelines.

    You don’t have one. Designers create a visual style based on the data they got at the research stage (user preferences, competition).